Reading Bug Adventures – A new children’s podcast from The Reading Bug!

We’ve been working on something special and are thrilled to share it with you! After a lot of work on this labor of love, it’s finally out, available, and getting great feedback.  You can take a listen (and I hope you will!) here:

Learn all about Reading Bug Adventures at, and listen and subscribe on iTunesStitcher or Google Play, so you don’t miss an episode!


When our own children started showing interest in podcasts we saw an opportunity to reach children in a new and exciting way.
We wanted our podcast to be interactive and immersive and deliver benefits that last beyond each 30 minute episode.  Each story starts with the premise that the “Reading Bug” has been reading a lot of great books about a specific topic.  By using our imaginations and jumping into the Reading Bug’s book bag, we are all transported to a time in place that helps us explore the topics of those books in our own, totally unique adventure story!
Additionally, we bring the listener into the action by treating and speaking to them as a companion on our journey, encouraging them to not just listen passively, but to engage in activities, exercises and artwork along the way.
At the end of the journey, listeners can continue to learn more about the episode’s topic by exploring the curated list of books that influenced the episode’s adventure – creating a learning experience that continues indefinitely.

Join us weekly to explore new books, new concepts and new worlds in a mix of fantasy and fact. And don’t forget to bring your crayons and paper along so you can color your own illustrations and retell our stories to your friends and family.

Every episode is created, written, produced and even performed by our family, and we’re extremely excited to share these adventures with you!

Please take a listen and let us know your thoughts. And let us know in the comments below what you’d like to hear from us in the future!
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